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We Bet You’ve Never Heard About These Hidden Gems In Cardiff!

See Cardiff like never before…

When it comes to perfect beauty spots in nature, Cardiff has got you covered, keep scrolling to discover a plethora of gorgeous spots hidden away from the public eye. Only those who know Cardiff like the back of their hand know about these secret locations. Wander around this perfectly picturesque city and you will leave with a lot more than you perhaps bargained for.

The Rooftop in Cardiff Castle

The Rooftop in Cardiff Castle

Now, it’s almost guaranteed that 99.9% of visitors to Cardiff have toured the iconic 11th century Castle, there’s no doubt about it, however, the same cannot be said for its gorgeous and slightly more secluded rooftop gardens that lie at the very top of the spiral staircase. The walls of the courtyard lie covered in a beautiful tile painted mural depicting scenes from the old testament and the floors covered in gorgeous mosaic with an iron fountain engulfed in beavers holding fish, using them as waterspouts.

The Dead Canary

The Dead Canary

Visit the absolutely stunning cocktail bar, The Dead Canary in Cardiff. Step foot inside and you will feel transported right back to the 1920s. It is located in the city centre, so it is a bit strange that it’s still considered a secret to a lot of people. That’s because although you can find it on Barrack Lane, its true location is, well…hidden. We won’t be spoiling any surprises, it’s down to you to do some digging and find it out for yourself! We promise it’s 100% worth it! They have an eclectic range of cocktails for all tastes and is perfect for that classy night out with your friends. All their drinks match the ambience and are all named after Welsh heroes!

Artes Mundi

Located inside the National Museum of Cardiff, this art gallery takes pride in its commitment to “stimulating dialogue and debates, internationally and locally, that develop greater understanding of ourselves, of others, and of the relations between familiar and distant cultures.”

Their name translates from Latin to ” Arts of the World”. Their mission is to bring art from all over the globe to Wales in an effort to create opportunities and inspiration for the local community. Although Artes Mundi are best known for their Biennial Exhibition, they are always broadening their programme of events and activities as well as working with other galleries, museums and other organisations throughout the UK to create projects, partnerships and collaborations.

Cardiff Ski Centre

For the small fee of £15, you can experience the speed and thrill of the French Alps, without ever leaving Wales. The ski centre offers many different types of lessons and courses, but the centre is a great place to just practice your skills whenever you feel like it. (Booking is required) All they ask is that you are a confident skier before booking the centre for recreational use.

The fun doesn’t stop there, Cardiff Ski Centre also offer tubing experiences. Spin, link together with others, go backwards, make trains and race your friends tubing is great fun and requires zero previous experience to take part in.

Cardiff Market

If you’re looking for a unique, authentic shopping experience then look no further! Cardiff’s Market isn’t necessarily a hidden gem but Cardiff most certainly wouldn’t be the same without. With fruit and veg , meat and fish, cooked foods, various delicacies and much much more from a wide array of unique sellers, the market is bound to have something for you. The market is located in what was the Cardiff Gallows, rather bleak we know but we promise the market is worth the ‘haunted’ atmosphere.

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