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3 Unmissable Experiences for Summer in Wales 2023

Enjoy these amazing summer experiences with iVisit

With the urge of visiting other places, we might think that there is nothing for us to do in summer here, but let us tell you, Wales has a lot to offer in summer!

Voyages of Discovery, St Davids

Explore the beauty of the islands in Pembrokeshire with their fast and secure RHIBs. With a wide ecosystem of wildlife around the sea, you can really feel connected to nature as you will often see dolphins, seals, puffins, and many more. So strap on your life jackets, keep your phones safe from the water, and ride into the adventure that awaits you in here.

Cardiff International White Water

If you ever felt that you wanted to be competitive in rafting but you don’t want to risk yourself going in the wild, this place is for you. Home of the first on-demand Water Rafting facility in the UK, is the ideal venue to take on this exciting activity. So take your paddles, bring your loved ones, and do not forget the key to this teamwork challenge: whatever you do, ask yourself “Will it make the boat go faster?”

Snowdonia Outdoor Adventure

The middle of the summer is the perfect moment to enjoy nature and the greatest way to enjoy nature is to embark on this adventure in the wild. With the beautiful scenery of the green mountains of Snowdonia, you can take on everything that these curated tours will offer you. From mountain walking to gorge scrambling, there is a bit of everything for everyone, even if you don’t want a high-adrenaline experience.

If you were taking notes for your next destination, we hope we helped with your choice. Wales is an incredible country to explore for those who crave adventure. If you have anything else to add, please contact us on our social media channels, take care, and don’t forget to check on the buttons for discounts on these experiences!

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