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The Locksmith’s Dream – Monmouthshire’s Occult Scavenger Hunt

The Locksmith’s Dream, set in the spooky 1920s, allows guests to enter a beautiful 17th century home in the Monmouthshire countryside. A mystery atmosphere in which guests may explore their own curiosity and have joyful realisations while solving interesting challenges.

Come for a luxurious overnight stay and take part in a fascinating occult scavenger hunt.

The Locksmith’s Dream is an immersive and interactive overnight experience with performers in character and an amazing setting to explore, with puzzle and narrative components perfectly linked throughout. In a unique and gorgeous setting, it blends a story, treasure hunt, escape room, and theatrical experience with great food and beverages.

Inspired by immersive experiences like Secret Cinema, theatrical experiences, and the sense of place and immersion provided by Punchdrunk performances. The Locksmith’s Dream blends these features with rich story components, and there is no ‘correct way’ to enjoy it.

The story takes place in a rich immersive universe that guests may explore at their leisure and in their own manner. Solve the narrative puzzles, learn dreadful secrets, interact with the characters, participate in the great moral decisions, or wander the home and gardens, pausing for wonderful food and beverages in the bar.

The mystique of the site, the 17th century manor home where The Locksmith’s Dream takes place, lies at the heart of the experience. Stay the night in a lovely manor home and explore a bit of the unseen world as you tug and tease at the web of narrative strands that surround you, stated another of our guests. Hide under the name and title of a renowned (or notorious!) past home visitor. Look for hints buried in plain sight and in unexpected locations. Trade Birdsong with the Curator, converse with the Barman and visit the grounds with Hawthorn, the faithful servant. And then decide whether to believe anything the Inspector says…

Exploring the home will reveal not just additional visitors, but also persons who may be able to assist or enlighten you. The home is the weave, and the employees are the weft, inseparable from the location and as dependable as the bricks and mortar. They’ll make sure you’re taken care of, and there’ll always be someone there to answer your burning questions, direct your efforts, and supply refreshments.

Food & Drink

Treowen visitors will be served all meals. There will be a welcoming luncheon with the other guests shortly after your arrival. You will conclude your excursions and any pending business with the staff in the morning. Before the Suppression Bureau wraps up its business, a nice breakfast will be given.

The evening supper, served in the lovely wood-paneled dining hall with a warming fire, will be the highlight of your vacation. The Chef has designed delicious, refreshing cocktails, wine and spirits, and non-alcoholic drinks that will be offered throughout the evening at the bar.

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