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Walk on the Wild Side with Celtic Quest Coasteering

Coasteering = the sport or activity of exploring a rocky coastline by climbing, jumping, and swimming.

With so many outdoor adventure centres in Wales what makes Celtic Quest Coasteering so different. Never before have we seen a group of people so passionate about the outdoors, we especially love how accessible their activities are. Anyone from the age of 5 upwards can take part in these high octane, thrilling adventures. The team also want to be able to include everyone regardless of ability. Get in contact with the team to explore your abilities:

What is Coasteering?

Kayaking without a boat, surfing without a board, bungee jumping without a bungee!
Essentially, Coasteering is everything your parents told you not to do at the beach as a child, but under the watchful eye of an experienced (if a little bonkers) Guide.

Exploring the Pembrokeshire coast at sea level, every Coasteering adventure is different depending on tide and sea conditions. That said, all their Coasteering experiences finish jumping in Abereiddy Blue Lagoon.

Cliff Jumping

Celtic Quest Coasteering’s experienced Pembrokeshire Coasteering Guides will tailor your adventure activity to suit children and adults alike. Cliff jumping is optional, you choose to jump or encourage your friends.

Sea Level Traversing

Sea level traversing is often called deep water soloing. How far can you climb before gravity wins? Climbing sideways just above the sea, if you fall, you fall in water.

Toilet Flushing

Wales’ coastline has an abundance of water features. Coasteering your way around Pembrokeshire natural waterpark. In the right conditions there’s even a wave machine and waterslide!

Explore Caves

Explore Pembrokeshire sea caves at low tide. There’s some crazy marine life that inhabit the darker corners of our coastline.

Belly Flopping

During your Pembrokeshire Coasteering adventure we’ll throw in a wide variety of jumps including the flying squirrel! Finish your Coasteering at Abereiddy Blue Lagoon.

Rock Hopping

Coasteering at Abereiddy, finish with a cliff jump into the Blue Lagoon. With so many cliff jumps to choose from they’ll get their fill with Celtic Quest Coasteering.

Adventure Swimming

Coasteering includes adventure swimming. All the kit floats, so you don’t need to be a strong swimmer! Take on the underwater challenge – dive in, can you reach the other side? tricky when you’re super floaty!

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