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Are These the Weirdest Welsh Competitions?

Check out these weird competitions you’ve probably never heard of.

World Bog Snorkelling Championships 2023

World Bog Snorkelling Championships 2023

The next World Bog Snorkelling Championships, an annual event conducted at Llanwrtyd Wells that has been ranked among the top 50 “must do” activities worldwide, will take place on Sunday, August 27, 2023. Once more, hundreds of competitors from around the world as well as a sizable number of spectators are anticipated.

The Bog Triathlon

On Saturday, the day before the Bog Snorkeling Championships, the Bog Triathlon is held. Eight miles of running precede a 12-mile mountain bike ride, which is followed by a 60-yard (one-length) bog snorkel. For those who are less daring, there is also a triathlon that is “bite-sized.” This entails a 3-mile run, a 6-mile mountain bike ride, a 60-yard bog snorkel, and finally a 60-yard run.

Bog Snorkelling Location

The competition begins at 10 a.m. at the Waen Rhydd bog on the outskirts of the town. For those who don’t mind a mile-long walk, the site is marked from the town. Additionally, a shuttle bus runs from the town square to the bog and back starting as soon as we can manage after 9am. Even if you don’t feel like jumping in, it’s a fun day out because there are food and drink vendors, crafts, a bouncy castle, live music, and a real ale and cider bar on the property.

Man v Horse 2023

Man v Horse 2023

The Man v Horse challenge is an annual competition that has been held in the Welsh countryside of the United Kingdom for more than 40 years. Over a distance of 22.5 kilometres, contestants battle against horseback riders. Competitors face a multi-terrain course that includes muddy slopes, rivers, swampy marshes, and more. For the runner who defeats the first horse and rider, a jackpot is also offered. The prize, which starts at 500 pounds and rises by 500 pounds a year until it is won.

After overhearing a conversation in 1980 regarding the relative virtues of human and horses running over mountainous terrain, the event was born. Gordon Green, the creator and owner of the Neuadd Arms Hotel, seized the chance to test the theory while simultaneously promoting Llanwrtyd Wells. Gordon Green, who retired a few years ago, is no longer associated with the event. but will nonetheless be acknowledged as the creator. The event is the first and most established one that Green Events has ever organised.

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