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Your Summers Day Out at Llyn Brenig

Over 2,500 acres of forest await your exploration.

Explore over 2500 acres of forest, moorland and lakes amid stunning upland scenery. With Visitor Centre, Café, Gift Shop, Osprey Exhibition, Adventure Playground, Cycle Hire, Mountain Biking, Walking Trails, Sailing and world class Fishing to discover.

Llyn Brenig has a range of cycle routes of varying difficulty – all taking full advantage of the perfect conditions and landscapes for cycling. It’s why they are one of the most popular places to ride in north Wales, perhaps the country!

Whatever your age or cycling ability, Llyn Brenig is a fun, healthy way to explore some of the 2500 acres that surround the lake. There is a network of waymarked trails available for you to cycle along, or you can choose your own route if you prefer.

Cycle Hire

Alwen Cycle Trail

It’s time to get out in the great outdoors as you cycle along the scenic Alwen Cycle trail.

Take your two wheels along the spectacular shoreline path and into the depths of the shady forest, to discover breathtaking views and stunning scenery.

If you don’t have your bike with you or you are new to cycling, you can hire bikes at Llyn Brenig.

Brenig Cycle Trail

Are you ready to explore the great outdoors on two wheels? The Brenig trail is a scenic ride around the Lake.

The Brenig trail is mostly an easy cycle on flat terrain but be prepared for a challenging but satisfying steep incline half way around the track. During your cycle you will be rewarded with stunning views across the water and picture-perfect surroundings of the moors.

Lakes Link Cycle Trail

A beautiful trail through the trees with stunning views of the two lakes.

Ideal for beginners, this cycle ride will take around 15 minutes to complete, giving you plenty of time to vacate the saddle to take in the panoramic scenery and all that fresh air!

Dam Cycle Trail

Are you ready for an adventure in the great outdoors? Discover the Dam Cycle Trail as you climb your way to beautiful scenic views.

The uphill slope is definitely worth the climb on this short circular route…watch out for the uneven terrain!

Two Lakes Cycle Trail

Don’t miss out on this scenic bike ride where you can admire stunning views at every twist and turn!

Get out into the fresh air and be in touch with nature as you explore the Two Lakes Cycle Trail. Cycle up to the Gors Maen Llwyd Nature Reserve, wind your way down twisting paths, cross bridges, and admire the stunning shoreline of Alwen.

Lakes Circular Cycle Trail

Adventure through the scenic woods and discover the beautiful shoreline as you take on the Lakes Circular Cycle Trail.

This picturesque cycle trail combines both Brenig and Alwen routes, there is no better way to admire the great outdoors as you cycle through the peaceful woodland.

Elorgarreg Cycle Trail

Admire the stunning views and get your adrenaline pumping as you work your way up through the gears and challenge yourself on steep inclines.

If you’re feeling adventurous then Elorgarreg is the perfect cycling track for you! Cycle hard uphill, enjoy picturesque views of the lake and enjoy winding down the forest track.

Osprey Exhibition

The Brenig Osprey Project Exhibition has been developed in partnership with The North Wales Wildlife Trust.

Situated in the Visitor Centre, spread your wings to explore the exhibition, learn about the project history and follow our birds throughout the seasons.

Watch their video to see what you can expect of Llyn Brenig Ospreys.

Large screens in the visitor centre stream live from the Llyn Brenig osprey nest-cam and perch-cam.

They will enable you to follow all the drama throughout the season, from first arrival, squabbles, interlopers and feeding. Maybe you will even be the first so see this year’s chicks hatch.

With scopes available to use for free from the North Wales Wildlife Trust, you can see the pair nesting from a safe distance from Sailing Club Bay from April to the end of August.

Here’s a sneak peek of what you can expect, two of their Llyn Brenig Ospreys enjoying a pike!

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