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Visit the Closest Thing Wales Has to a Tropical Rainforest

Wales’s Rainforest Zoo & Animal Experiences.

In Plantasia, there are about 40 different animal species, and more than 10% of them have some conservation issues. The Egyptian Tortoise is the most famous of them. (Testudo kleinmanni).

For the protection and conservation of the Egyptian tortoise species, Plantasia partners with a number of other zoological institutions and takes part in the EEP (European Endangered Species Programme).

A variety of fragile and endangered species are also bred at Plantasia, including reptiles like the crested gecko, amphibians like the axolotl, and fish like the denison’s barb.

The only crocodile feeding experience in Wales is available at this rainforest-themed zoo in the heart of Swansea City Centre. It’s a terrific family outing. Spend some time visiting this colourful and enchanted zoo in Wales. Crawl through the brush, face pythons and tarantulas, and dare to soar with the birds up in the canopy! Develop Your imagination in this dynamic, wholly immersive, family-friendly tropical zoo experience.


200 years of Alfred Russel Wallace: A celebration

Alfred Russel Wallace, who was born in Wales 200 years ago and became one of the greatest naturalists ever, is probably a name you have never heard of.

Wallace visited the world’s rainforests during the Golden Age of exploration and discovery, working alongside his more well-known colleague, Charles Darwin, to create the concepts of Natural Selection and Evolution. We’ve all heard of Darwin, so why are most people unfamiliar with Wallace?

Discover more in the brand-new treehouse display area at Plantasia Tropical Zoo. It has been beautifully turned into a recreation of Alfred Russel Wallace’s study hut in the Malay Archipelago’s rainforest, where you can learn about his amazing stories and findings and even take on the role of your own intrepid explorer. Which hat will you don?

The cost of regular entry includes free entrance to this spectacular exhibition space, which was created in partnership with Museum Wales.

Adopt an animal

Consider Adopting an Animal as a Great Gift or for Yourself
You may contribute to the funding for their animal care by adopting one of their animals.

With additional animals on the way, you may pick from Rainbow the Macaw, their Meerkats, Clyde the Python, their Marmosets, or their family of Caiman Crocodiles.

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