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Unique Places To Visit In Wales

Here are our top picks for the most unusual things to do in Wales this year, have you heard of any of them?

1. Sol Cinema

Sol Cinema Trailer

The Sol Cinema, the smallest solar-powered movie theatre in the world, took first place for outstanding communication initiative at the Network Wales Awards. The theatre, which screens films with ecological themes in groups of eight at a time because that is the maximum capacity of the trailer, travels across South Wales. Sol Cinema was created by British art collective Undercurrents and artist Paul O’Connor. It is totally solar-powered. A tiny LED projector is used in the cinema, and it is powered by lithium ion batteries, which are in turn powered by a solar panel mounted on the trailer’s outside. The theatre is always travelling to concerts, festivals, and other celebrations thanks to the batteries’ ability to store energy.

2. Baked Bean Museum of Excellence

Baked Bean Museum of Excellence

A superhero named Captain Beany who is fascinated with beans owns and runs The Baked Bean Museum of Excellence, a museum devoted to baked beans. And yes, it really is as bizarre as it seems.

The Baked Bean Museum of Excellence, the world’s only museum devoted to baked beans, opened its doors in 2009 in Captain Beany’s third-floor, two-bedroom council apartment. The little museum is crammed with items connected to baked beans. It is overflowing with baked bean tins from several international brands. There are both old and contemporary baked bean advertising, promotional goods, and even a set of baked bean cufflinks. Additionally, you can view the Captain’s “Branston Bathroom,” which has a baked bean motif, and his equally beany “Heinz Kitchen.”

3. Llechwedd Caverns Trampoline Park

Llechwedd Caverns Trampoline Park

The Llechwedd Caverns in Blaenau Ffestiniog have been turned into the appropriately titled Bounce Below trampoline park. A unique underground bounce park is created by enormous springy nets strung underground that drive guests through the abandoned mine.

You arrive at the 10,000 square foot net maze after exiting an old mine train, which served as your entrance. There are three trampoline levels: the bottom one is 20 feet high, the middle one is 60 feet high, and the top one is 180 feet high. You may use an industrial-sized slide, a tunnel, or a spiral staircase that leads down into the cavern to get from one trampoline to another.

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