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Wales will make your Jaw-drop. Here’s why

Wales is full of surprises that just keeps on coming.

1. Dolphin Spotting

Join the team at New Quay Boat Trips as they take you on a tour of the Ceredigion Marine Heritage Coast (C.M.H.C). One of the richest places in Wales for Wildlife including; Dolphins, Rare Bird Species, Atlantic Grey Species and Porpoises. The cruise operates entirely within the Cardigan Bay Special Area of Conservation. The boat tour is definitely going to make your jaw drop, or more accurately the amazing wildlife you will see will.

2. Dan Yr Ogaf

The Dan Yr Ogaf Caves are scattered with ancient history, explorers are still discovering new areas to the cave over 100 years after the cave was first discovered by the Morgan Brothers in 1912. To this date, professional cavers have said there is over 16km of explored passageways to Dan Yr Ogaf. Throughout these passageways, you will come across some jaw-dropping natural occurrences, “The Rasher of Bacon”, “The Angel” and “The Alabaster Pillar”. The National Showcaves Centre for Wales is proud to say they have been voted “Wales’ Top Award Winning Attraction” as well as having received 5 British Tourism Awards and many more awards/accolades.

3. Smallest House in Britain

Welcome to the humble abode. Very humble indeed. Measuring in at 72 inches across, 122 inches high and 120 inches deep. Equipped with one bedroom squeezed in upstairs and one living room, all it’s missing is a kitchen, but it makes do with some basic cooking facilities behind the stair leading to the bedroom. Despite its size, the little house stands out quite well to the eye given its red paint and strange stature. The Guinness Book of World Records confirmed that the house was indeed the “Smallest House in Britain” as early as 1920.

4. Climb Snowdonia

There is no place in Wales where your jaw can drop any lower, literally… you can’t get any higher. Join the 500,000 people who summit the 1,085-metre high mountain, don’t underestimate the climb though, the 10-mile trek up can be more challenging than you expect. Although, there are alternative routes up the mountain that don’t require walking. The Snowdon Mountain Railway is closed in the Winter and will reopen in April 2022, though, when it is functioning the railway will take 3/4 of the way to the summit. The views from the summit are absolutely astounding, undoubtedly worth the 4-hour trek up, that is if you decide not to take the train.

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