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Your day out at Greenwood Family Park

Action and adventure is around every corner at Greenwood!

There are so many things to do at GreenWood; each one is unique, fascinating, and full of family fun.

The world’s only people-powered coaster and the Enchanted WoodBarn with a mysterious world of indoor play have been voted the best family day out in North Wales for 7 years running.

Snowdon View Point

Before you go crazy at all the different rides to try out or trees to climb, when you get to Greenwood Family Park, take a minute to take in your surrounding there’s no better place to do this than the Snowdon View Point with views of the horizon and the magnificent Mt Snowdon in the distance, trust us, you’ll appreciate your day out at Greenwood more than before.

Green Dragon Roller Coaster

Take a spin on the world’s only people-powered coaster, the Green Dragon Family Roller Coaster.

Travel down a 250-metre track in your 20-person, five-car train, including a 360-degree horizontal loop around the hill and into the forests. Overall, the Green Dragon is an unforgettable ride!

Long Bow Archery

Do you want to be a modern-day Robin Hood? Shoot a classic longbow under close supervision, much like the Welsh archers did hundreds of years ago. Pick up a bow, keep your toes on the ground, and shoot for gold!

Woodland Rovers

Feel the rush of driving your own 4 vehicle. Children will be able to put their driving abilities to the test by navigating their way through the woods on their brand new Woodland Rovers driving course.

Did you know that Maurice Wilks famously invented the Original Land Rover right down the road from GreenWood in Red Wharf Bay, Anglesey? It was created for farmers to use as a cross between a vehicle and a tractor.

Enchanted River Ride

Pull yourself along the canal using ropes and just a paddle. You’ll need to work as a team and keep a look out for any mystical creatures that might be hiding in the trees!

Book your day out at GreenWood Family Park below:

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