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Escape Rooms Cardiff: Are you up to the Challenge?

With 60 minutes on the clock, you’ll need to think quick, think smart and work as a team if you want to make it out in time.

Choose your team of 2-6 players (per room). Select your theme from their 6 immersive game rooms. You’ll be given an objective and you’ll need to find objects, codes and clues in the rooms. With 60 minutes on the clock, you’ll need to think quick, think smart and work as a team if you want to make it out in time.

Press Start

Blast into a new dimension in this futuristic escape adventure! You find yourself on board an intergalactic spaceship, out of power, floating through space….

You must work your way l through the ventilation shaft and into the ship, finding a way to restore the power get yourself back home. You have 60 minutes to beat the brain & escape the game!

*Game includes flashing lights.

Oculus – The Serial Killer

Get into the psyche of the notorious serial killer, Oculus. Known for his obsession with eyes and scooping out his subjects blinkers, you must search home to discover his holding room. Becky Morris, a local news reporter has been missing for some time and feared to be his final victim. Can you come to her rescue before Oculus returns and before her time runs out!?


You guessed it, Zombies.

You’ve managed to locate the safe house and medical unit of a zombie hunter. He’s abandoned ship and left the bunker’s defence system down.

Explore his bunker and medial bay that’s in disrepair. You have 60 minutes to get all systems back up and running otherwise…

You. Are. Food

Sherlock 2 – Moriarty’s Revenge

NEW! Role Switch: You must now be done with playing the hero, now take on the villain’s perspective. As Sherlock’s been found, you must now help Moriarty get his revenge!

The Cardiff Castle – Official

🕰: 60 Minutes

Help Owain Glyndwr storm Cardiff Castle! It’s 1404 and the English have occupied Cardiff’s most precious asset – their castle. Glyndwr has plans to take back the castle in an epic battle but first, he needs your help! You need to search around the castle to find the secret entrance and retrieve the plans so he can formulate his attack!

The Tomb

You stumble inside the lost tomb of Tutankhamun!

Following in the footsteps of Howard Carter in search for his four sacred pyramids. You have 60 minutes to find Howard and retrieve all four of them before you awaken Tutankhamun!

This game’s challenge is more hands-on skill rather than mental (think Aztec Zone in the Crystal Maze). This room is flame-lit so once your eyes have adjusted there’s plenty of thinking to do!

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