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Your Day Out at Dinosaur Park Tenby

Whether you’re young or old or somewhere in-between, Dino Park Tenby have so many rides and activities for you to do, under the big sunny skies of west Wales, you won’t know where to start or which way to turn.

The Dinosaur Trail

Wander into their beautiful natural woodland at Tenby Dinosaur Park and come face to face with 30 life-size roaring dinosaurs! From ferocious Velociraptors, to bold Brachiosaurus, to a mighty T-Rex, plus many more prehistoric creatures, you’ll discover where they are all lurking amongst the trees and bushes!

Be prepared – every twist and turn reveal a new surprise!

Hurricane Cars

Now Then, Who Would Like To Try A Car Made From A Real Hurricane?

Yeahhhh! Who here thinks they are man or woman enough to tame that sort of baby?

That’s Right! You Heard: Cars Made From A REAL HURRICANE.

What, You Don’t Believe Us?

They ain’t called ‘Hurricane Cars’ for nothing you know. Our Tenby Dinosaur Park scientists have travelled to well known hurricane zones like Louisiana and the Philippines and risked life and limb to capture fragments of real, live hurricanes in a special bottle (it’s a scientific one with a proper stopper and everything).

T-Rex 12-Hole Golf: How Dinosaurs Invented Golf

Test your skills on our tricky 12-hole Golf course. Don’t forget winner buys lunch!

The Indoor Playground

When it comes to our purpose-built Indoor Playground, rain never stops play. Adults can park themselves at a table and bench for a well-earned breather, and watch while the kids carry on playing to their heart’s content.

There’s an Indoor Play Den with a soft play area especially for the younger ones, complete with soft play slides, biff-bash bags, ball pits, crawl tubes and deck climbs; while for those a little older there’s a more robust challenge in the shape of our Indoor Adventure Playground with its irresistible outside tube slide (try saying that after half a glass of Fanta).

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