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Wno Multi-buy Specials: Elevate Your Opera Experience!

Welsh National Opera, one of the UK’s leading opera companies, has recently launched its multi-buy packages, offering audiences a more affordable and flexible way to experience their world-class productions.

This move by the opera company has been welcomed by many, as it makes opera more accessible to a wider audience.

Traditionally, opera tickets can be quite expensive, often deterring people from attending performances. However, Welsh National Opera’s multi-buy packages aim to change that. These packages allow audiences to purchase tickets for multiple productions at a discounted price, making it more affordable for opera lovers to attend the shows they desire.

Furthermore, Welsh National Opera’s multi-buy packages allow audiences to experience a diverse range of productions. From classic operas to contemporary works, there is something for everyone. This variety not only caters to the different tastes of opera enthusiasts but also appeals to those who may be new to the genre.

Multi-buy Packages

Book 2 operas to save 10%
Book 3 operas to save 15%
Book 4 operas to save 20%

For online multi-buy packages, the number of tickets for each opera must be the same. Applies to the top 3 prices. The offer will be applied in your basket.

Shows included in the discount

Death in Venice

7 + 9 March 2024

Renowned writer Gustav von Aschenbach visits Venice on a whim while looking for beauty and significance. He falls in love with Tadzio, a young aristocrat who is staying in the same hotel as his family, in the steamy atmosphere of a cholera epidemic while the scirocco is blowing. In Aschenbach’s projection of his own loneliness and longing, reality blends with fantasy. As he grows more detached from reality, his fixation intensifies to a breaking point.

Così Fan Tutte

With a brand-new production of Mozart’s comedic opera Cosí fan tutte, also known as The School for Lovers, directed by Max Hoehn (The Consul), Welsh National Opera transports you back to your childhood. In this coming-of-age story, which takes place in the early 1970s, four sixth formers learn that falling in love can be amazing, embarrassing, and difficult.

When the teacher lets the kids participate in a covert experiment, they learn a priceless lesson about liberty, love, and life. They are forced to reconsider their own identities and relationships with one another as they are presented with a number of humorous scenarios meant to trick, all set to some of Mozart’s most beautiful music.


21 + 27 September; 1 + 4 October 2024; 7 February 2025

Enter the boisterous court of the Duke of Mantua, where the court jester, Rigoletto, hides his broken heart behind a cruel wit. His only happiness in a life that borders on decadence and dishonesty is Gilda, his daughter. A sad series of events where a father’s love and treachery meet in a crescendo of passion and anguish are put in motion when the charming but womanising Duke sets his sights on Gilda.

This heartbreaking story, which is set in a decadent and brutal court, examines the complex web of love, treachery, and the effects of power.

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