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Welsh Activities to Watch Out for in February

Embrace the rich heritage, explore scenic landscapes, and partake in unique events that make February truly special in Wales.

WWT Llanelli Wetland Centre 


10th – 18th February 2024

Spend your half term immersed in minibeast mud hunts, magnificent games, untamed crafts, and an endless supply of mud.

Everyone can interact with nature and learn about the wonderful properties of mud for play and wildlife via hands-on activities suitable for all ages and skill levels. They’re talking about amazing mud kitchens, muddy sculpting tales, barefoot treks, muddy obstacle courses, muddy tug of war, mud-slinging, and a whole lot more mud. You will be able to use mud to paint, search for little creatures in the mud, and make seed bombs! You guessed it: mud!

The Royal Mint

Make your own fossil

15th – 16th February 2024

Participants can seize the opportunity to craft their own prehistoric masterpieces in the immersive event area. Guided by a knowledgeable ranger, individuals will delve into the process of creating a cast featuring their favourite dinosaurs, including the remarkable Stegosaurus, swift Diplodocus, and formidable T-Rex. After the experience, attendees can take home their personalized plaster fossil. The cost per fossil is just £5, or it is complimentary when included with a tour booking at The Royal Mint Experience on the same day.

This task takes about thirty minutes to complete. Children under the age of 16 must be supervised by an adult, and participation is open to all ages. Adults are welcome to participate without having to buy their own fossil pieces, but they are welcome to do so if they like. It is advised to plan this activity before your booked tour, as the plaster takes an hour to harden. Children will receive aprons, so it’s best to wear anything that you don’t mind getting muddy in.


100 Hands-on Exhibits

Various Dates

Techniquest boasts an array of over 100 hands-on exhibits that offer an engaging exploration into the realms of science and technology, creating a memorable and enjoyable experience.

From perplexing puzzles, mind-boggling machines, and curious contraptions to tests of strength and skill — complemented by a thrilling silver slide — the exhibits cater to all ages. Visitors can feel the force of a hurricane, experience the tremor of an earthquake, create digital fireworks, simulate a virtual operation, attempt to navigate an underwater rover or dock a spacecraft. For those seeking quieter marvels, the low light zone showcases a mesmerizing ant colony, while the sensory garden provides a tranquil bay view.

Techniquest’s diverse zones span space, the environment, chemistry, biomedical sciences, and global issues, offering visitors the flexibility to choose which sections they’d like to explore in-depth. Additionally, the Retro Area is a perennial favourite among younger family members, adding to the overall appeal of this science and technology hub.

Pili Palas Nature World

Pili Palas Nature World is a captivating destination that immerses visitors in the wonders of the natural world. Upon entering Pili Palas, guests are greeted by lush tropical surroundings that house an enchanting butterfly house. The vibrant fluttering of these delicate creatures adds a magical touch to the atmosphere, providing a serene escape into nature. The butterfly house showcases a kaleidoscope of colours as visitors stroll through the tropical environment, offering a glimpse into the fascinating life cycle of these remarkable insects.

In addition to butterflies, Pili Palas Nature World boasts an impressive collection of exotic animals, reptiles, and creepy crawlies from around the globe. From slithering snakes to adorable meerkats and captivating chameleons, the diverse range of residents ensures there is something to pique the interest of every visitor.

One of the highlights of Pili Palas is its commitment to conservation and education. The dedicated team provides informative talks and feeding sessions, allowing guests to learn more about the behaviours, habitats, and conservation efforts related to the various species within the facility.

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