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Wales Bike Park: What To Do

Enjoy an exhilarating biking adventure at Wales Bike Park in a Covid secure environment.

BikePark Wales, found in the valleys of the infamous Brecon Beacons, offers a network of 40 interlocking courses for riders of all levels, including runs with sloped corners, portions that feel like you’re on a roller coaster, granite slabs, and tree-lined runs.

The Wales Bike Park boasts the UK’s longest trail in the UK although seeming rather daunting to a beginner let alone a professional, measuring as long as 5km, this path named the “Kermit Trail” is considered a beginner trail. The new trail does cater for beginners in terms of stamina as the entire trail is downhill. You may be asking what makes this Bike Park so different from its countless competitors across Wales. “A full-time crew looking after our trails and ensuring they are kept in great condition for your riding pleasure” this is their boasted ‘secret’ to the park’s uniqueness. Although coming at a fee to the consumer, you. It is a fee they deem necessary for the unique experience they offer.

Redbull Trail rider flying through the air as he traverses a trail.
Redbull Biker Jumping at Bike Park Wales.

The Wales Bike Park doesn’t just boast one famous trail but 40 interlocking courses for riders to experiment with don’t worry, when it comes to Wales BIke Park they always cater for every type of rider from the most novice to the most experienced. See below a map detailing them all with levels of difficulty from Beginner to Expert. Pick from “Badgers Run” for beginners to “Terry’s Belly” for intermediate riders or a real challenge with “The Martian”.

Trail map at Wales Bike Park.
Map of Bike Park Wales

Wales Bike Park professional trail builders are always working on upkeeping and updating their trails as well as creating new ones throughout the hillsides within the forest.

See above a POV video of the trailed aptly named “Root Manoeuvres” as if you undertake this challenging trail you will have to manoeuvre around a minefield of deadly roots, that can cause a deadly accident at the wrong turn.

Due to Wales still being under Covid-19 restrictions and many hospitality venues and attractions still being closed. Wales Bike Park are still practising Social Distancing under the Welsh Government’s advice as well as to keep themselves and their customers safe.

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