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Visit The UK’s Smallest City

St Davids Peninsula ‘the jewel in the crown’.

The smallest city in the UK situated on a sea-girt peninsula—is home to gorgeous, evocative landscapes that conceal some of Britain’s oldest mysteries and have long drawn pilgrims and tourists. Dewi Sant, the patron saint, is buried in the centre of the enormous church that bears his name.

The peninsula has the perfect range of independent shops and galleries. And to name a few there is Basalt & Dune, Big Momma’s knits and St Davids Bookshop. Check out more shops on St Davids Peninsula Tourist Association’s website – https://www.stdavidscathedral.org.uk

Basalt & Dune


A lifestyle shop called Basalt & Dune is located in the heart of St. Davids, Pembrokeshire. They are a mother-daughter team: Gabrielle is a print & graphic designer, and Nicola is an artist.

They wanted to design a store where customers could browse at their convenience and feel calm and at ease. Pembrokeshire’s picturesque surroundings encourage you to move more slowly and to stop, observe, and be in awe of them. Both in-person and online, they aimed to evoke this sense of a slower-paced life. They have picked things that capture the essence of their natural surroundings.

In order to create a distinctive range of gifts, home goods, and lifestyle accessories that complement coastal, rural, and urban lifestyles, they collaborated with artists and artisans in Wales, the Marches, and elsewhere.

Big Mommas Knits


Big Momma’s Knits & Crafty Bits is a family run business. They promote numerous local artists and offer a large selection of hand-knit products. They also offer craft and haberdashery supplies. Located above the fish and chip store where Katy frequently works behind the counter knitting, this charming small boutique is a pleasant surprise.

St David’s Bookshop


This long-running, family-run business extends a friendly reception to everyone at its new location.

A large selection of books from reputable publishers:

  • Local Guides
  • Books about Wales
  • Best Sellers
  • Classic & Modern Fiction
  • OS Maps
  • Children’s Books
  • Greetings Cards
  • Book Tokens
  • Second Hand Books

St David’s Cathedral


On the subject of shops in St Davids we have an honour mention of the Cathedral shop of course!

The St. David’s Cathedral has two stores.

At the western end of the Nave lies the Cathedral Shop, which carries a large selection of souvenirs, music, and literature. It has a particularly broad selection of books with a religious focus that can be ordered if they don’t already have them in stock.

The Domus Shop focuses on selling gifts, handmade items, and books. A stone bridge crosses the river to reach it.

St. Davids Cathedral has been a place of pilgrimage and devotion for more than 800 years. It is located on a stunning Pembrokeshire peninsula that extends out into the Atlantic on the site of an earlier monastery constructed by St. David, the patron saint of Wales, in the sixth century. This magnificent structure, which was built in God’s honour, is still a thriving, active church that provides a serene setting for prayer and devotion.

Visit St Davids Peninsula Tourist Association website to learn more about the area and in order to discover things to do!


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