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New Quay Wales Things To Do – Hidden Gems

New Quay Wales: Things to do is a list of the best things to do that New Quay has to offer, from soaring dolphins to 18th Century Georgian Houses.

New Quay Boat Trips

Located on the West coast of Wales between, Aberaeron and Llangrannog. New Quay is a tiny seaside town with it’s quaint homes, taverns, and restaurants clinging to the edges of the hills that rise above the cerulean waters of Cardigan Bay on West Wales’ coast. In the summer, the town transforms into a magical holiday hub for leisure, fishing, water sports and much more. Starting of the magical trend in New Quay, are the Boat Trips known for their sea life riddled boat trips as you cruise through some of the most popular feeding spots for dolphins , spot them and much more marine life such as seals, seabirds, soar through the seas on the New Quay Boat Trips from only £15 for up to two hours. Keep an eye out for Castell Beach a keyhole into the past, home to local ruins of an iron age settlement from long ago. The Boat trips provide a unique perspective of Wales which is why they’re perfect for New Quay Wales: Things To Do iVisit list.

Two Dolphins emerging from the water.
Two Dolphins emerging from the water.

Fantasy Farm Park

Want to experience nature in New Quay more? Fantasy Farm Park sounds perfect.

A indoor play area for toddlers, with heating, is available at Fantasy Farm Park, complete with rideable equipment, slides, a ball pit, and the standard bright and colourful soft play frame with features for the smalls (and not-so-smalls) to enjoy! A couple of amazing castle-themed bouncy castles, a double-level climbing maze, and a massive crooked orange slide are among the amenities! Ideal for children under the age of seven. Outside, there is a petting zoo with a wonderful selection of old favourites for the little ones to coo over, and they can get hands on with some of the cuddlier species on display during particular periods. Everyone will enjoy a ride around the go-kart track, and for the more adventurous, there’s also a rodeo bull, so why not channel your inner cowboy (or female) and challenge your parents to a race on it?! There are also lovely colourful pedal boats in the lake, so you can take the youngsters for a brief ride on your own. Lovely! Scared of getting seasick? If you don’t fancy getting on the boat feel to walk the nature trail around the lake and see if you can find your friends on their boat!

Baby lamb staring at the camera in bewilderment.
Baby lamb staring at the camera in bewilderment.


Take a break from the hustle and bustle and visit a unique Georgian villa that is completely self-contained.  Explore the unchanged chambers of Llanerchaeron and read intriguing anecdotes about the ladies of the house throughout the years to get a sense of what life was like in the 1790s. With little to none restricted areas you will  have plenty of room to explore. Outside the villa, there’s a lot more to see. Llanerchaeron, located in the magnificent Aeron valley, is surrounded by lush parklands as far as the eye can see. Relax with a peaceful stroll through the walled gardens, a relaxing sit by the beautiful ornamental lake. Llanerchaeron also features it’s own farm with  many animals on the property as it is a working farm, including huge Welsh Black cattle, Llanwenog sheep, and unique Welsh pigs, as well as the normal hens, geese, and doves. It’s always exciting for the little ones to meet new furry and feathered companions!

19th Century Ancient Georgian Villa part of the National Trust.
19th Century Ancient Georgian Villa part of the National Trust.

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