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3 Restaurants in Cardiff that you cannot Miss

We all love good food, we all want the best for our palate. If you want to Fancy yourself you cannot miss these restaurants in Cardiff

We all love good food, we all want the best for our palate. But you need to fancy yourself and if you want to do it you definitely cannot miss these high quality restaurants in Cardiff

Mind & Mustard

A modern twist on traditional Indian food awaits for you in the heart of Cardiff. With their splendid flavors, you would not look at Indian cooking the same.

Crispy Samosas, Spicy Tikka, Pompadoms and others would be waiting for you here.

Park House Restaurant & Wine Bar

The Park House Restaurant & Wine Bar offers a unique, selective fine dining experience. Best of the wines and a good selection of dishes will make you feel like you are dining in the halls of royalty

The chefs will make sure that even the tiniest detail gets onto your table.
Bar 44 Tapas y Copas

You can smell the Mediterranean aroma from the best cuisine in the world!!!

Treat yourselft to a good Iberico tapas selection, the best cheese and tortilla. Flamegrilled steak with the finest of Olive Oil and Spanish Sherry. There is a lot to try that you`re sure to love.

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